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The ordering process Fast Performance leasehold

All current regulations and deadlines of the Act are:

Delay payment of RENT beyond the agreed date

Notification by a bailiff writing disturbance (with out of court) the lessor to the lessee, which shall be indicated amounts due and invited him to pay them. H pay the debt within one month preclude an order of performance. But this applies only once. If not paid:

Transfer from the lessor's lawyer in court the following documents:
1. EDUCATION (application) to judge the evidence of the parties, a description of the lease, rental, refusal to pay rent and the past disturbance.
2. Lease private document in effect, filed with the Tax Office COMPETENT from certifying the receipt of the lease by the lessee, the validity of the lease and the rent is due. If no lease, the application is rejected, and the landlord is obliged to resort to the old process of leases, which will examine a witness to prove the lease.
3. REPORT PPP / M SERVICE Curator of extrajudicial call.
4. CERTIFICATE of Tax Office the principal (owner) of the property declared that rent for two years.

Rejection of an application for any reason does not preclude the submission of a new example for later rent or bring an action in the normal way.

The Judgement (order efficiency) and requiring the tenant to pay to use the lease contains REMINDER that the tenant within 15 working days of service thereof to him is entitled to exercise against the opposition, making any any object (eg that has paid dues on time, etc.). The order is enforceable after 20 working days of service, ie substantially after one month (new regulation to Law 2915/2001), running against each other and who derives his rights by the lessee (p . ypomisthotis example, guest, etc.).

The tenant is entitled to exercise against the order that OPPOSITION within 15 working days, and raise his objections, but does not suspend enforcement. Suspending the need to perform special REQUEST SUSPENSION execution pending a final decision on the opposition. The judge may grant the suspension either with sponsorship to cover the rent due, or without it.